1986 - Foundation

In 1986, Juan Cano embarked on an ambitious journey in the world of transportation with just one truck, laying the groundwork for what would become a promising business future. This was the humble beginning of a journey that would mark the start of an era of growth and expansion.


Five years after its foundation, Juan Cano consolidated his vision by establishing TRANSINTERCANO SLU, a company that started with a fleet of 3 trucks. This significant step not only marked the formal beginning of the company but also established a firm commitment to the project.

Expansion and Growth

Over the years, Transportes JCANO has demonstrated exceptional growth projection, focusing its efforts on expanding facilities and acquiring owned vehicles. This strategy has enabled us to optimize operations and improve the efficiency of our services, ensuring a strong position within the market.

2016 - Fleet Consolidation

By the year 2016, the company reached an impressive milestone with a fleet of 350 vehicles, demonstrating the success of its focus on expansion and modernization. This achievement not only reflects the sustained growth of Transportes JCANO but also underscores our commitment to investing in high-quality resources.

2017 - Diversification into the Agricultural Sector

With the vision to diversify and further expand its horizons, in 2017, Transportes JCANO made the strategic decision to venture into citrus production. This step towards agriculture began with the acquisition of the first farm in Vera, marking the start of a new and fruitful direction for the company.

Acquisition of the Cardedeu Base

The company strengthens its infrastructure with the Cardedeu base. This space serves not only as a rest area for our dedicated drivers but also facilitates vehicle maintenance and refueling operations. We are committed to the well-being of our team and the continuous improvement of operations.