We guarantee that each delivery is handled with utmost care, efficiency, and professionalism. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the official recognition we have received through our certifications. Quality and safety seals that endorse our commitment and competence in the sector.



The IFS (International Food Standard) is a private technical protocol developed by German, French, and Italian distributors with the purpose of assisting suppliers in providing safe products in accordance with specifications and current legislation.

Responsible: María Ballesteros

IFS Team:
María Ballesteros
Antonio Angulo

Crisis Telephone: 639 13 30 79 (24 Hours)


QS. Quality scheme for food

The QS Quality Scheme for Food is an internationally recognised program, and its distinctive quality seal can be found on many food products around the world.

The QS Quality Scheme for Food is the leading standard in Germany for food safety and represents quality assurance.

Responsible: María Ballesteros


ISO14064-1:2018 Huella de Carbono

The Carbon Footprint is an eco-label used to describe the calculation of emissions of all greenhouse gases associated with organizations, events, or activities, or the lifecycle of a product or service in order to determine their contribution to climate change, and is expressed in tonnes of CO2 equivalents.

The Carbon Footprint is a tool for determining, assessing, and communicating the impact of products, services, and organizations on climate change.

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Lean & Green

The Lean & Green program is a non-profit European initiative designed to reduce the complexity associated with CO2 footprint reduction and to assist organizations on the path towards independently verified, accredited, and recognized CO2 emissions reductions.

It focuses on enabling collaboration in logistics and guiding its member organizations towards a less wasteful and more sustainable future.

Responsible: María Ballesteros