JCano Citrus

In our plantation, we cultivate a diverse range of citrus fruits and olives, covering various varieties in an area of over 300 hectares.

This includes: Fine Lemon, Late Lane Oranges, Power Oranges, Nova Tangerines, Orogrande Clementines, Star Ruby Grapefruits, and Olives.


Irrigation Ponds

To achieve an improvement in water resources, we have built irrigation ponds with the latest technology in ALGEO-type floating covers, which guarantee:

  • 100% reduction in evaporation.
  • 100% reduction in algae proliferation in the reservoir, with consequent improvement in filtering systems and drip irrigation.
  • By reducing obstructions and maintenance work in filters, water savings are 20% annually, allowing us to have water during drought periods.

With these covers, rainwater is collected and reintroduced into the pond through a pumping system.

We have also built a complete network of rainwater collection ponds throughout the farm, increasing the amount of water available on the farms and drastically reducing maintenance work on roads after rainy periods.

This has allowed access to the farms 365 days a year, even on rainy days.


Our Certificates

We have the renowned Global GAP and Global GAP GRASP certifications. The Global GAP certification supports our excellent agricultural practices, while Global GAP GRASP focuses on ensuring the welfare of our workers.

We comply with all established regulations, ensuring a safe and comfortable working environment for our team.


Global G.A.P.

GLOBAL G.A.P. is a worldwide standard for Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI).

Responsible: María Ballesteros



After acquiring the GLOBAL GAP certification at GRUPO JCANO, we aimed to take a step further and achieve compliance with the assessment of the GRASP module (abbreviated as “GLOBALGAP Risk Assessment on Social Practices”). It defines the minimum requirements for a good social management system in primary production.

The GRASP module is an additional voluntary module (ADD-ON) consisting of the verification of 12 control points and their respective compliance criteria. This is only possible if the GLOBALG.A.P. certificate is already held.